A-Lo – Housemate / Mix Jan ’15

cover mix jan2015


Für alle “Housemates” hier ein kleiner Mix von MIU!-member A-Lo. Mit Songs von Jenovah aus Paris, Cudroid aus UK, Hamertje Tik vom Label basserk aus Amsterdam und Carpainter aus Tokyo. Maximal flauschiger Start in umtriebige Nächte garantiert!



1. Collapse – Petit Biscuit
2. Rock this Road (More Than Gold Remix) – Basement Jaxx
3. Full Moon – Durante
4. Interstellar – Cudroid
5. The Trip (Original Mix) – The Trip
6. Native Village – Jenovah
7. Housemate (Rami Aquiles Rmx) – Ahfy
8. I Remember (My Sight) – Hamertje Tik
9. Smoothlife – DJ Dai
10. My Mind (Original Mix) – South Soul Project
11. Jubilate – Carpainter
12. Walka – High Contrast
13. Time is Love – Warren Xclnce

MIU!sik #13 – Lucky Thirteen


Todays MIU!sik playlist really has it all! It starts with some ultimately seductive remixes of beloved all time favorites: Mikos the Gawd chopin’ up Lauryn Hills “Doo Wop (That Thing)”,  josh pan adding some more smooth swagger to Janet Jacksons “If” plus some heavy bromance going on between TroyBoi an scottish 90’s DJ Blue Boy.

Also we are very proud to present some of our Cologne local heroes: Sweet melancholic vibes coming from electrosoul-band Ray Novacane (their Reminiscence EP just dropped) and some serious sexiness by bass-boss HADE.

Not to forget about our Mash It Up! homies: Our last DJ-guest Dinamarca <3 , swedish tropicalists COCOTAXI and funky globetrotter Captain Planet.



MIU!sik #12 – bada boom bada bing!


To fix you up for another week of madness we selected a bunch of hits and bangers for your earphones! All you got to do is press play and be like: “eat my dust bitches!”. The playlist includes some interesting team-ups: A Tribe Called Red from Ottawa catching the swagger of Li’l Vicious, AbJo from San Diego playing around with some brazilian vibes from Osmar Milito and 20syl from Nantes delightfully hitting on Gregory Porter. Plus some awesome new stuff from our Mash It Up! all time favorites Maluca, Bleepolar and Captain Planet

So let’s make this Monday a magic one!



New Daferwa Mix Online


Hey Folks!

Daferwa is taking off to Mexico from 6th October to 11th of November with a mission: see his missed familia, play some nights, eat some real tacos and getting the latest news on what’s happening from Tenochtitlan to Aztlán. It’s been a while that Daferwa recorded a mix on the fly. But some flavours inspired him to prepare the one hour trip he decided to call Daferwaton since dembowish syncopation is one of his favourite. Also he didn’t miss the twerkish moment that’s going on right now. But he’s feeling it even more when accordeon lines take him straight to Dallas where la raza is getting down like that. Also Daferwaton is introducing some exclusive remixes from two young german producers: Motin from Dresden and Ghetto Vanessa from Bünde. A big GRACIAS goes out to all the producers and artist on the mix.

MIU!sik #11 – sweet as candy



This weeks MIU!sik selection is as colorful as a giant lollypop and as sweet as fluffy cotton candy: João Brasil sugar-coating Chet Fakers “Talk is cheap”, Dany F from Colombia licking on some delicious bolitas de tamarindo, typical sweets from Palenque and Klaves from Poland handing out warm beer with honey and his new single “People”. Can it get any sweeter? Oooooh, yeah: Cologne based synth-pop duo Heartbeat adding some fresh vibes to Brandy & Monicas “The Boy is mine”, Agent Lexie and Symbiz playing around with some caribbean flavors and El Búho from Amsterdam flirting with beautiful cumbia grooves.




MIU!sik #10 – globalicious


Can’t afford to take your girl to the Bahamas? The dog ate your air tickets to Miami? Your boss won’t grant you leave to get naked at the Ballermann beach? No need to get frustrated, we are about to take you on a adventurous ride! This weeks MIU!sik selection is a crazy trip round the globe of club music: It starts with some crazy steel pan madness delivered by Hataah from Hungary remixed by Motin from Dresden/Germany. Then Clap! Clap! from Italy unwraps some furious drums and heavy afro-trap-styles from his forthcoming album ‘Tayi Bebba’. On that level KingDouDou from France transforms the ‘Lions King’ theme into a bassed up cumbia villera. Beeing turned on already Street_Ritual and Tcheep seduce you with some spicy oriental flavors. On top of this Alfonso Lunar from Monterrey/Mexico is trying to get you drunk with some curious pre hispanic tribal. Wow, that escalated quickly! Thank god SkepticMusica from Puerto Rico is there to cool you down with some chilly hip hop moods and Xhjyl from the US is handing you a fresh lil cocktail with sweet brazilian juices. To make it a perfect one our Mash It Up! homie Daniel Klauser from Chile played around with some dreamy sounds from legendary Victor Jara – a perfect outro to a magic journey!

So pack your g-string and jump on the boat!



MIU!sik #9 – massive multi clash


You guys know that mashing things up is a big deal to us, why else would we call our party Mash it Up!?… To make an example this weeks MIU!sik collection includes a bunch of cheeky styles and funky flavours: Loads of sexy sounds for our housy-mousies, some smoothe R’n’b vibes, straight up Hip Hop, smutty Grime and badass Trap. Not to forget some special spices like Cumbia, Moombahton or Zouk coming from beloved Mash it Up! all time favorites like our next guest El Rémolon from Argetina, Juke Ellington from Belgium and Dazed Dog from Germany…

Now it is on you to shake your ass!!!