idanka & a-lova

After having a real Bulgarian moussaka and some liters of delicous vodka, the MIU!-Girls Ida and A-Lo met their alter ego Idanka & A-Lova. Здравей! Somewhere deep inside them there has always been a balkanian side. I mean come on – look at them!idankaalovafinal

It was just about time to let it out! The Godfather of Balkan Express Kosta Kostov always told them. He is the reason why Idanka and A-Lova are born. That for, they are invited to represent Mash It Up! Cologne this Saturday (20.11.2013) at Balkan Express Cologne. And not only they will spin some deep Balkan tunes, Kobe Louis Charles – the mastermind behind Tsiganisation Projekts – and Kosta Kostov himself are going to drop some bangers and make you swet. Jesus!

To get in the perfect mood, Idanka and A-Lova did this fucking freaky badass Balkan mixtape. That’s the deal, Idanka & A-Lo are on. Press play and find yourself in a heavy dancing and drinking ride through the east europe.


Dj SuperStereo – Zouk Brass
Missy Elliot – Get Your Freak On (Typsy Gypsy Remix)
Chancha Via Circuito – Eco
Baltic Balkan feat. Banda Dzeta – Katapulta (Canalh Remix)
Mala Noche – Arab Money (Tarraxo Bootleg)
Mahala Rai Banda, Nas, Jstar – Balkan Nas
MR•CAR/\\ACK – Day 3:w/ King Henry
Shantel vs Snoop Dogg vs Kotch – Bucovina is Hot (Warsaw Balkan Madness Mashup)
Balkan Beat Box – Balcumbia (DjSuperStereo Twerk on Acid Remix)
Kaiserdisco – Trombone (Disgraceland Edit)
Zed Blas – Eingang
Lewis CanCut – CRASSULA (Ode To The Cactus Dawg Mix)
Kelis – My Warsaw Kebab Milkshake (Warsaw Balkan Madness Mash-up)
Roulet – Achmed
Shazalakazoo & Chernobyl feat. Suppa Fla – Zica Memo (Gregor Salto Remix)
Slamboree – Cheeky Peepers (Freerange DJs Remix)


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