WOMEXimizer 13 Re:mixes by GCMN – FREE Track by Daferwa & Rafael Baska


The Global Club Music Network (GCMN) and WOMEX proudly announce the release of the first Remix EP of last year’s WOMEXimizer compilation. In 2013, a call was put out to the showcase artists featured on the WOMEXimizer to submit a song for remixing. DJ/Producer and remix coordinator, Kosta Kostov, and the whole GCMN remix team has been working around the clock. A huge thank you to everyone who has been part of this process.

Below is a list of the remixes:
1 Waiora – Whakawhiti (Daferwa & Rafael Baska Remix)
2 Filastine – Gendjer2 feat. Nova (Sound Culture’s Thanks For The Ride Mix)
3 숨 [su:m] – Rendezvous (Darius Darek New Krautrock Refix)
4 Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda – De Leve (Kosta Kostov Remix)
5 숨 [su:m] – Rendezvous (Bassrael RMX)

And here’s the link to the original songs as part of the WOMEXimizer 13. The newly instigated Global Music Network (GCMN) is a worldwide collective consisting of professionals committed to presenting forms of (live) electronic dance music, rooted within the many sounds of the world. It debuted successfully at WOMEX in Cardiff 2013, where 12 members (re)presented their music at one stand. The WOMEX days were packed with people enjoying the Silent Disco, exchanging ideas for the future at the GCMN Network Session and late nights during the DJ Summit.

About the Remixe(r)s: Daferwa + Rafel Baska (Mash it Up! Cologne DE) rose to the challange of reworking New Zealand’s Waiora by hoisting the Kiwi’s into a housy, dubby suit. David Chavez aka Sound Culture (Chicago USA) gave a real bouncy, Latin flavored twist to Filastine’s ‚Gendjer2 feat. Nova‘. Darius Darek (Taxi Mundjal Musix, Bonn DE) created a deep and melancholic sound of Korean [su:m]’s track. Kosta Kostov (Balkan Express, Cologne DE) especially added his four to the floor to Brazil’s Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda to make you dance. Closing this EP is Bonn based DJ/producer Bassrael, taking [su:m] to a completely alternate level by playfuly easing in breakbeats.

Five tracks, five different styles and techniques, but all of them with respect to the original musical message, while opening them up to a new direction. Play, enjoy, share! Cover artwork by the Cologne based designer Andre Fritz.


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