OG’s hitting the flute biz

Cover SwaggerFlute

„A gentleman is someone who can play the flute, but doesn’t.“ – well, that may be true, but a real OG doesn’t give a shit and furthermore hates to be told what to do because he does what ever the fuck he wants! So why not pick up a proper flute and blow the hell out of it?! „#SwaggerFlute“ is all about blowing, piping and whistling: Various types of flutes are showing their street credibility on backyards all over this world. Weather it’s Trap, Zouk, Footwork or Funk Carioca, the flute takes the lead on this one. This dope selection includes productions of Mash It Up! all time favorites like Murlo, Clap! Clap!, Sango and Munchi. So don’t be hating on this tiny yet powerfull instrument, get your Gin and Juice ready and take a second to admire it’s massive swagger and gangsterness.

  1. P.C.P – GTW feat. Blase B
  2. Double Flute – Moster Rally & RIMTUM

  3. Mafana – BOOGZBROWN

  4. Fenix – Roquefeller

  5. Arriba – Bert on Beats

  6. I Like it (B-Ju Remix) – Kill Frenzy and Sacha Robotti

  7. No Ritmo de Flauta – Montagem

  8. Po Tudo – Sango

  9. Danza de la Lluvia – Clap Freckles

  10. Wendigo – HØBBES x Heat Na-Na

  11. Wine Wine (Pa Kongal Remix) – Kali Sandoval

  12. Sensual Seduction (BIG MAKK Bootleg) – Snoop Dogg

  13. Chiara – Vendredi

  14. Clone Trails – Escapism Refuge

  15. Deep Swim – Booty Hunt

  16. Sing That Shit (V2M Remix) – Kendrick Lamar

  17. From the Bronx – Dan Gerous

  18. Hit it For Me ONE TIME! (Vineclubmix) – DJ K Millz

  19. Stomp – SNK

  20. Crying Flute – 813

  21. Jailers – Sole & DJ Pain

  22. Kaluma – Clap! Clap!

  23. Wassup – Sango x GoldLink

  24. Zouk Flute – Buraka Som Sistema

  25. Dark Side of the Zouk – DJ Superstereo feat. Adam Meszaros

  26. As Ruivas – Munchi x Frikitona

  27. Decorous – TroyBoi x Big Wild

  28. Twerk (JSTJR Bootleg) -Three Six Mafia

  29. Windbreaker Riddim – Murlo

  30. Wine up on me (Murlo Remix) – Zoelah

  31. Semarang – Shushupe

  32. Miam Miam Miam – Ouska





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