MIU!sik #7 – A roller coaster ride through the clouds


This weeks MIU!sik selection is one of a kind! It takes you on a crazy roller coaster ride right through the clouds: Swift, hyphy and breathtaking. So better fasten your savety belts and off we go!

Right at the beginning some fresh tunes remixed by K. Sabroso from Brooklyn, Timmy Tutone from Wichita and no.sleep from Pittsburgh make you throw your arms in the air and scream „weeeeeeh!“. Then Dugong Jr from Melbourne, TOKIMONSTA from Los Angeles and Kartell from Paris are slowing things down a bit just to push you down the highest threshold afterwards. Time for the loopy part: MutieNigga from Zaragosa in Spain,  The Clerk from Pavia, Italy and ILLUMINVTY from Mexico City are twirling you around like scrambled eggs. At the end of the ride you’re glad some chilled homies like Sr.Lufthansa, MythSyzer and Side C are waiting for you…

Want to dig even deeper? here are some beautyful releases we ran over selecting this weeks MIU!sik:


Refreshing mixture of indie infused soul, r&b and funky vibes cooked by Shoos Off from Los Angeles! …Get seduced and buy yourself some fancy new sunglasses!


West Michigan artist and producer Joose teamed up with his labelmates from AGO. Together with Sango, Waldo and TheSEVENth he released this beautyful EP full of good vibes and summer moods! …Go and take your girlfriend for a fresh little cruise to the lake!


The world wide producer collective and netlabel Hobo Truffles founded by Cologne based beat maker Robot Orchestra and Shuffle Jack from Berlin outdid itself again with this beautyful compilation. A playful tribute to electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire! …Get lost in a world of eclectic samples and intricated grooves!


This breathtaking mini compilation put together by french label Cosmonostro is a trip through outer space into the blurred cosmos! …Get high on music!


Budo Kiba is a colaborative platform for musicians based in New York. The two founders Iota & Edo Lee joined forces with bolivian DJ and producer MATAS. Together they created this stunning album full of organic beats, rustling samples and nostalgic melodies! …time for a glas of good whysky!



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