miucologne_banner350Hip Hop is your mother. Who’s your daddy, house? Your gran’pa is called reggae? And cumbia, your old gran’ma? Plus your newborn twin-bros are called Trap & Twerk? And you want to have them all together? Then, Mash It Up! is the perfect place to be. We give a shit about genres and play all the good stuff to make you dance. Toy Selectah, Uproot Andy, Captain Planet, Matanza, Akwaaba’s BBrave, Munchi, Bomb Diggy Crew, Chrissy Murderbot, Makina and Murlo feat. Ghostpoet already entered our party and did this too. No empty promises! It’s the unique playground for a worldwide dance-excitements in Cologne city.

After almost seven years platform-networking with Mash It Up! (MIU!), we decided to go for more. Obviously music is the main reason why we came together in order to exchange everything what we consider as interesting, exciting or just worth to let you know. And this will be more than music and it’s culture behind. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Mash It Up! Family



Daferwa (Daniel Fernando Wahl) grew up in a mexican-german household in Tübingen. Listening to his parents‘ music collection over and over again, he soon got in touch with a broad variety of rhythms. On one side there were artists like Lucha Reyes, Los Tigres Del Norte, La Banda Del Recodo and Cesaria Evora and on the other Paul Simon, Lipps Inc, Queen and Michael Jackson. In the 1990s he fell in love with Hip Hop, R’n’B, Reggae, Dub and House. At the age of 15 he bought his first mixer and used an old Technics Automatic Turntable and a CD player to get his first beat-matching skills. In 2000 he moved to Cologne with his meanwhile grown vinyl collection. 2001 he got a job at a Latin Music show called ‚Ritmo‘ on the music channel VIVA TV. Not really being all excited about the superficialities of the TV and media business, he decided to take off to Mexico for a while. 2003 he started to study Portuguese, French and Latin-American History at the University of Cologne. 2005 he used a scholarship to get deeply into brazilian culture and music. Daferwa has been actively contributing to Cologne’s nightlife since 2005, at first as a regularly DJ booked for parties and bar-gigs. Finally, he founded his own party in 2007: Mash It Up! – a solid Event at Club Subway, Cologne. In 2009 he was called to join Funkhaus Europa as a freelancing author for the musical department and as a resident DJ for their own club nights called Global Player, taken place every month in Cologne, Krefeld and Düsseldorf.
Daniel Fernando Wahl, just a dude who loves good food, good music and good people.



„Fuck it, I’ll leave.“ Well, walk it like you talk it, miss Rühl! And so she did. Here we are in the middle of a sunny day in Cologne. Actually, Ida-Sophie Rühl was born in the north of Germany, spending her youth near Hamburg. Leaving her commitments behind, she moved to cologne without any clue, but with a lot of passion. Soon she got in touch with the local radio business, experimenting her voice and musical taste at a show called Listen! at Radio Köln. Also, she used to write articles and concert reviews for an online magazine called RheinHipHop until she steps by at Colognes biggest radio and TV institution WDR. She left her heart at one of the six radio stations of the WDR that features the best sounds of the world (and this is no exaggeration): Funkhaus Europa.
Since 2013, Ida-Sophie is blogging for the global sounds blog Tonspur by Arte and recently takes care of the best and freshest releases that drop by daily, posting them via FacebookAt almost the same time, Ida became one of the four residents of the cologne based party and blog Mash It Up!, always looking for the best tunes that makes you move your ass and feel sexy as hell. Furthermore, Ida is on of the half of the double-girlie DJ Team Ida & A-Lo. With A-Lo she found her perfect partner in crime: They are both very shy and withdrawn, so they teamed up to feel more confident. They united their crazy forces to fuck with your earz!
Ida-Sophie is studing Musicology and German Langues at University of Cologne.


Rafael Baska

Rafael Baska is a DJ and producer born in Rio de Janeiro and based in Cologne. He’s a real OG hustling hard to get his first wheels of steel. Since he was a teenager, Rafael wanted to be a DJ, a Turntablist and a slave to the music. He has been spinning at parties and playing with brazilian bands since 1998. In 2008 Baska came to cologne. He did his first guest appearance at Mash It Up! without knowing that he would join the Crew in 2009. But he’s bringing his personal “Suingue” to it. Rafael started to produce his own tracks in 2010, combining traditional and organic sounds with the universe of electronic music. In the same year he also started as a DJ for Akua Naru & Digflo Band. Since then they had been on tour. Big Baska has the chance to experience a taste of rock star life, being on the road and playing shows all over the globe.



A-Lo chose her DJ-name as a tribute to the one and only Jenny from the block – one of her biggest idols (right after Harry Belafonte and Jim Knopf). Shes from the lovely south of Germany but calls Cologne her hometown for quiet a while now. Her love for music reaches way back to when she started playing the „blockflöte“ at the age of six. Her huge passion for this tiny but unique instrument remains till now: Every once in a while she drops flute related mix-tapes including any types of genres. For some years she thought studying anthropology and history would be super gangster but then tons of other interesting and important subjects got in her way! She still has a weakness for all sorts of native rhythms and ceremonial sounds though… She started to make nails with heads when she joined the local student radio Köln Campus and it’s maximum dope and credible Hip Hop show „Whatup!?“. Later she offered service to the WDR, where she’s still working for the stunning channel Funkhaus Europa which features global sounds. When she realized that she wants it all, she flipped a coin and called times of university a day. She joined the Mash It Up! DJ-team 2013 after she had been the first and the last guest on the dance-floor for quite a long time anyway. With Ida she found her perfect partner in crime: They are both very shy and withdrawn, so they teamed up to feel more comfy. They united their crazy forces to blow your ears and make your booty clap!

All fotos taken by Der Englaender

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